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The Party's Just Getting Started

Drinks by Nika was founded by international mixologist, Tenika Bennett. Growing up, she has always loved to serve and make drinks. Whether it be at family domino nights making Wray & Tings or rum and cokes, or university days when she competed in mocktail competitions; she always had this passion for bringing creativity and fun to events through drinks. She would have never imagined that something she had only done for fun would become a full time career, but after years of being the life of the party, she felt called to be the center of cultural, unforgettable experiences; then came the beginning of Drinks by Nika.


Take your tastebuds on an adventure with drinks crafted to bring you memorable moments and stories. We pride ourselves in evoking the perfect atmosphere for any event and bringing people together through culture, connection, and vibes -- all with the power of perfectly crafted drinks. Whether you’re an aspiring bartender and mixologist looking to enter a world of creativity, a corporate brand ready to create a bridge with your audience through immersive experiences, or a party host looking to send every guest home with memories replaying in their head -- Drinks by Nika is where you wanna be.

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